In Memorial Day there is a Crossfit WOD challenge to do Murph. Murph is named after a fallen special forces operative (the story is amazing, I recommend Googling it) and if you register to do it, you get a t-shirt and the money goes to a scholarship fund set up in Murph’s name.

Looking at the…

So far both people that have advised me have said they think it’s just fine to do the WOD modified and still wear the shirt.

Then I could compare my time and modification to next year when I do it again. Here’s the link if you’re curious: http://themurphchallenge.com .

I hate you people, seriously. I keep seeing stuff and then deciding I need to do it too!
After talking to fatbastich, I have decided to replace the pullups with rows and do the Murph Challenge. I’ll have to do them in sets, but I can do them!!

  • <b> <b></b> </b> Ok!!!<p><b></b> In 24 days I will be going to the beach for a weekend!!<p><b></b> The bottle of wine y'all saw in my fridge has to last me until then.<p><b></b> I will eat clean with the exception of a birthday treat or two, and I just challenged a coworker to T25. That will be my minimum workout for the day.<p><b></b> Rest days will be active in some way whether it's a walk, kayaking, SOMETHING!<p><b></b> I will wear a bikini without a cover-up for the first time in about a billion years if I lose any weight or not, but I think it will be a good little challenge for me! A 24 day push!<p><p><b></b> **Normally I don't weigh or measure, but we will be keeping track for this little challenge. I will post 'em when I get 'em.**<p>